About Me

Ethan Olkovikas

BA & MA in Communication

Advertising | Public Relations | IMC

You will find me to be an energetic, versatile young professional who is inspired by travel, trends, and fashion. But, most importantly? By exceptional advertising and branding efforts.

Currently in, and originally from, Southern New Hampshire—I spent five years in South Carolina surrounding my undergraduate experience at Coastal Carolina University. This time was incredibly inspiring; it confirmed my passions for the industry through and set me up for a lifetime of continued development.

I returned to the New England area in order to further pursue the field, both academically and professionally.

In December, 2019 I earned MA from Suffolk University in Boston.

I take pride in my abilities and experience with building meaningful relationships. Both with industry professionals, and consumers across the globe. It is one of the many reasons we are lucky to live in an ever-increasingly digital society.

One of the ways I best navigate our global community, is through empathetic communication. This means stepping up to the plate as a preemptive and responsive communicator, as well as remaining an active listener.

Communication scenarios are never a one way street. And usually, not a two way street either. If you choose to remain in the realm of roadway references, they would be best described as roundabouts.

Or rotaries. They are colloquial. Kind of commonly understood; they’re usually started with good intentions. However, they’re often improperly navigated. They consist of three or more parts. And, their success depends on the shared ability of those immediately involved in their use.

Thankfully, I’ve encountered many roundabouts in my day. While always a gracious and adaptable communicator, I know when to take the lead.

I am currently employed in the Public Relations and Content space for a National Architecture & Interior Design firm.

However, I am always seeking additional creative outlets and responsibilities. Feel free to reach out and discuss my availability for consulting and/or freelance work.

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