Podcast Promotions, Considered

One thing the world will never have a shortage of? Podcasts. While not every one will necessarily be an effective advertising avenue for you, there’s got to be at least one worth considering. And, there are a variety of ways in which your brand could get involved with creators of such content.

Unlike radio ads, podcast promotions can feel fairly integrated with the content. Like radio ads, there are limitations—but also a lot of potential.

Consider Your Markets

The first step to a successful podcast promotion is to ensure that the audience of the production, aligns with who you want to receive your message. It might not be your traditional audience, if you’re looking to expand, but it needs to make sense. Creators should be open about their audience insights, as that’s really what you’re paying for.
These efforts are most effective when mutually relevant.

Consider the Delivery

There are a bunch of different ways in which you can promote your brand with podcasts. You should work with the content creator to see what has and has not worked best for them and their audiences, in the past.

These individuals know how to speak with their fans, so let them. Provide a script, but encourage them to personalize it with their own vocabulary, structure, and pacing. This will ensure the message comes off as genuine as paid advertising can.

Consider Measurability

Advertising through podcasts can be an expensive investment. You want to make sure it continues to make sense for your brand. Build in ways to track growth related to these efforts. Use unique URLs, discount codes, SMS efforts—whatever you’re comfortable with. This will allow you to continuously optimize your efforts here, or to seek alternatives if necessary.

Consider Your Relationship

You want to make sure that anyone talking about your brand, is happy. Especially when you have immediate control. When working with podcasters, it is important to develop and maintain positive, open, transparent relationships with them. This will ensure that you are both benefiting appropriately, and privy to useful information and resources.

By ensuring your sponsored content creator is happy, you’ll have first dibs on other available promotions they may be open to running. Perhaps you can sponsor relevant social content through them, or have them talk at one of your events.

If your return on investment has been impressive, you may consider working with some of their friends and colleagues. This is much easier when they trust and enjoy working with you.

Have you ever taken action with a brand based on a podcast? Would you?

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