Leave an Imprint, with Print

Print advertising is a traditional medium that usually comes with a high price tag, and high risk. When implemented effectively, these efforts can be worth the investment. Below, explore some suggestions that can help optimize your efforts in print.

Go Big, or Go Home

If you’re spending the money on print advertising, don’t purchase the least expensive option. The impact of a full page far exceeds that of a half, or quarter. A full page insertion allows your content to appear more editorial in nature. It also ensures you’re not competing for attention on your page.

Full page insertion usually comes with a more favorable placement, and may even include some extra digital promotion. Explore what kind of packages your print publisher provides.

Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words

And words come at face value. So use those wisely as well.

The photography you decide to include in your print promotions should be crisp and clear. The copy should be clear and concise. You want to give your audience a reason to look, and to read, but anything too overwhelming is just as easy to overlook as something bland.

Find and employ a balance that works for your brand, and your message. Consider the medium in which you are publishing; are people coming there to read, or to look?

Include Next Steps

Okay, a consumer saw and enjoyed your ad. Now what?

You might not need to include as contact information as blatantly as was once necessary. Now, people can pull their smartphones out to be directed to your website and phone number. However, you need to include some kind of subliminal motivation for them to complete such an action.

Unless you are a large brand just spending the money to stay top of mind.

Take Your Time

Like many things in life, there’s no need to rush into print advertising. There are plenty of other lower risk mediums which allow you to perfect your voice, and your image, before making such a large commitment.

As with all promotional efforts, consistency is key in print. So, if the price tag of a single insertion scares you—multiply that by at least three or four, and reconsider. It takes time to see results from any campaign, so ensure your budget accounts for that.

While it can be scary, don’t overthink it. You can still have plenty of fun with print promotional efforts. It is totally okay to bend the rules to better fit your brand, your message, and your goals.

Print is often talked about as a dying medium, and while in some ways it is, the promotional efforts that occur there can still be extremely effective. Thanks to the ability to seek highly specialized, loyal readers. There is a certain elegance and sense of refinement that comes along with well executed print efforts.

What is the biggest print faux-pas you can think of?
What is the best way to begin concepting a print campaign?
Let’s have some fun discussing down below!

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