Avoiding the App Avalanche

While I’ve previously suggested the development of an app, we’re going to reiterate this suggestion with the additional clause of: only if it truly adds value. To your brand, to your products or services, and most importantly—to your consumer’s home screen. If you’re anything like me, you can be pretty picky about the apps youContinue reading “Avoiding the App Avalanche”

Remote Creativity: Can It Be Successful?

Technology has, does, and will continue to develop new opportunities and potential in all aspects of our lives. Personal and professional pursuits benefit from the continued conception and perfection of new tools and processes for getting things done. Recently, we’ve been forced to further embrace the technological landscape around us. Thankfully, as we’re all prettyContinue reading “Remote Creativity: Can It Be Successful?”

Should Hiring Practices Be on Marketing’s Radar?

We’ve previously discussed the ways in which employee relations, at every level, should be an important part of any organization’s marketing mix. And so, it makes sense that a business’s hiring practices should be as well. You should think of potential employees, not only also as potential customers, but as well-networked individuals. Consider their abilityContinue reading “Should Hiring Practices Be on Marketing’s Radar?”

5 Activities to Reignite Your Creativity

Sometimes, you just feel like you’re stuck in a rut. Like you’ve got no fresh ideas left, and can’t create something unique no matter how badly you want to. This doesn’t say anything about you as a creative. It happens to the best of us. What defines you as a creative professional, is how youContinue reading “5 Activities to Reignite Your Creativity”

Creating Physical Experiences for Digital DTC Brands

If your brand exists almost exclusively online, there is value in spending time, effort, and money to develop ways for your consumer to have physical experiences with your brand. Besides simply a purchase. We’re talking about you, digital direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. No matter the quality of your marketing, some people crave the ability to touch/feel/experienceContinue reading “Creating Physical Experiences for Digital DTC Brands”

Should I Enforce a Uniform, or Dress Code?

It might not seem like a marketing problem, but we’ve previously discussed the ways in which your retail/customer facing staff can (and should) be considered marketing collateral. More than just that, but remember their power to influence customers—in real time. While not always a make or break, the ways in which your employees present themselvesContinue reading “Should I Enforce a Uniform, or Dress Code?”

The Power of the Influencer

Everybody is an influencer these days. We all have our own networks, of ranging sizes, that may look to us for inspiration; recommendations; information; and/or entertainment. Brands have recognized the power of those with particularly large, niche followings. And, as they’ve capitalized there, have also found value in the “micro-influencer.” Below, we’ll discuss a rangeContinue reading “The Power of the Influencer”

Leave an Imprint, with Print

Print advertising is a traditional medium that usually comes with a high price tag, and high risk. When implemented effectively, these efforts can be worth the investment. Below, explore some suggestions that can help optimize your efforts in print. Go Big, or Go Home If you’re spending the money on print advertising, don’t purchase theContinue reading “Leave an Imprint, with Print”

Your Consumers Are Talking. Are You Listening?

While a cornerstone of all well-executed promotional efforts: the deep understanding of, and ability to leverage your consumer insights, are extremely high level skill sets. There’s a real difference between knowing who your consumer is, and understanding how they operate; what they think, how they feel. Their desires and their motivations. Following, consider three waysContinue reading “Your Consumers Are Talking. Are You Listening?”

Restaurant/Hospitality Industry Promotion

The hospitality industry is one of the largest, most global industries. In almost any corner of this Earth, you can find a place to stay, or eat—for the right price. Traditionally, the margins for this industry are horrendously low. This can make spending on advertising a particularly severe sting, especially for smaller brands and businesses.Continue reading “Restaurant/Hospitality Industry Promotion”