Should I Enforce a Uniform, or Dress Code?

It might not seem like a marketing problem, but we’ve previously discussed the ways in which your retail/customer facing staff can (and should) be considered marketing collateral. More than just that, but remember their power to influence customers—in real time. While not always a make or break, the ways in which your employees present themselvesContinue reading “Should I Enforce a Uniform, or Dress Code?”

My Opinion Isn’t Valued: What’s Next?

If this has never happened to you… you’re lying. Seriously. No matter how common of an occurrence it may or may not be for you, it can still be an incredibly frustrating challenge. I’m not being a total brat. Compromise does count; it is often even preferred. However, it takes effort from both sides. WhatContinue reading “My Opinion Isn’t Valued: What’s Next?”