Avoiding the App Avalanche

While I’ve previously suggested the development of an app, we’re going to reiterate this suggestion with the additional clause of: only if it truly adds value. To your brand, to your products or services, and most importantly—to your consumer’s home screen.

If you’re anything like me, you can be pretty picky about the apps you decide to download (and even more stringent about the ones that stay installed). So, does your brand really need to develop a mobile application?

Could I Interest Anyone in an App?

If your brand can concept a clear purpose and plan for a mobile application, then yes. You should certainly invest in developing said app. However, if your mentality is: “everybody else is doing it, why don’t we?” Maybe just avoid the spend. At least until this mindset is altered.

The planned functionality doesn’t need to be excessively elaborate, just worthwhile.

It could have a single function, or many, but they must be unique and relevant to your brand to captivate and hold the attention of appropriate audiences.

Whose Idea Was It Anyway?

Rather than researching the release dates of a plethora of brand’s applications, I’m going to anecdotally say: Starbucks killed it first.

Of course, there were mobile banking apps, apps for gaming, and of course social media.

However, upon release: the Starbucks app and rewards program took the world by storm (at least mine), and has been the apple of every brand’s envious eye since. There have been copycats (uhem, Dunkin’) but we can’t bash a worthy competitor doing what it takes to stay in the game.

Brand applications have really changed the market, in many ways. In some industries, they’re absolutely necessary. In others, only the expertly designed truly accentuate a brand’s focus and mission.

And with so many out there these days, you want to be the Starbucks–not the Dunkin’. Coming up with the concept, not reverse-engineering them because you have to.

Okay, We’re Doing It.

Great. Confidence is key. So, once you’ve decided that the genuine need and want for your brand’s app is there: start developing. And, because you believe so much in this project’s success: spare no expense.

Partnering with experienced technology firms to bring your ideas from concept to fruition will ensure a turbulence free build (and launch). They’ll also be able to open your eyes to capabilities you may have not even considered.

Throughout the planning and development of your app, communicate with your consumers. What do they want, or not want. Is it easy for them to use? It must make sense to your consumer even more than it does to your development teams.

Okay, We Did It.

Great. Now keep doing it. Yep, updates are a thing. And, if you want your application endeavor to be successful, they’ll be frequent and progressive.

Build in feedback capabilities, and monitor user experience. Where are they getting stuck, and/or stopping? How can this application become more intuitive? As more and more users download and interact with your app, you’ll be collecting valuable data. Use it.

Make surrendering this data worthwhile to your consumer, or they’ll stop giving it. If they do, you’ll become just another flake on the application mountain—perhaps the one that sends the imminent avalanche rumbling.

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