Here’s a 100% FREE Marketing Plan

Advertising can be one of the highest expenses a business has on its books. However large, a brand’s monetary investment in this area does not guarantee any kind of return. It can be an incredibly risky investment, which is why when made effectively: there is the potential for near infinite return.

However, advertising and marketing can still be quite effective with absolutely no investment from you (other than time and effort). And this way, if not incredibly successful: there’s no skin off your back.

Below, find a guide to implementing a complete promotional strategy for your brand. That you can begin today—for completely free.

Launch a Blog

…Cause the world definitely needs more of them. I’m kidding. But if you have something to say, hold some kind of expertise, or posses any other kind of entertaining qualities: put them to work.

Blogging is completely free, if you’re already paying for a website. If not, there are platforms that require no investment. But, a URL is always a worthy one.

This kind of consistent, non-sales related content gives your consumer a reason to visit your site that isn’t a purchase. You’ll still have the potential to convince them once they’re there, but this content provides a commitment free route to that destination. Allowing your consumer to learn more about you, and make their move when they’re prepared.

Blog content is a great way to get people from your social media accounts, email newsletter, or other avenue to your website.

Start an E-Mail Newsletter

Not an email marketing campaign. You can if you’d like, but there is at least an equal amount of power in developing a consistent email blast that updates a willingly subscribed audience with current happenings, relevant information, links to recent blogs, etc.

Depending on the number of recipients, and frequency you plan to send: you can find platforms to do this for absolutely free.

These efforts ensure that you remain top of mind for your consumer, without being over the top. This kind of e-mail content feels like correspondence from a friend, rather than being cornered by cute but savagely money-hungry Girl Scouts.

Optimize, but Diversify Your Social Media

You probably already have social media accounts with some kind of audience. There is endless potential here for free (and paid) growth. Sharing useful, entertaining content that others will want to share as well is a great way to start increasing your presence there.

Keeping content correlated with your brand is important, but it doesn’t always need to be a direct relationship. There is power in providing generally relevant tips, tricks, and information that will keep people interested until they’re ready to become a customer.

Using social media to promote your blog content can be a great way to convert your social media audience to customers. Or, just to get them to interact with you off of the platform. Think of ways to use social media as a funnel to your website, and other outlets (even your accounts on other platforms).

Develop content that is unique between each platform. One of my biggest pet peeves is when an influencer, or brand, serves the same exact content on every platform. Of course, there is validity in frequency—but be creative. Include a photo shot from a different angle, and play around with your copy. This allows you to cross promote content, giving your audiences a reason to follow you on multiple platforms.

Work to Obtain PR

There are a million ways to get people talking about your brand. We prefer to keep it positive though, so that drops us down to about two hundred and fifty-thousand.

Not really. But, you definitely want to avoid any kind of negative publicity. And, try to ensure you have plenty of positive publicity in the bank (just in case). This can be through networking with influencers in your industry, journalists who cover it, and all kinds of other professional relationships.

Is there a cause that your brand cares about? Donate the time of you and your employees to charitable efforts in that space. Write about it on your own blog, share it on your social media, and talk about it in your newsletter. Invite your audience to join you, or donate to the cause.

Stay Positive & Committed

The key to any marketing plan, is consistency. You might not see a huge return on investment with all of these free efforts right away. But overtime, you’ll definitely see one. Eventually, they could become your biggest source of revenue. Get on a schedule that feels comfortable to you, and stick with it.

Don’t become disheartened. Find joy in earning five likes and a comment on your Facebook post. Be proud that thirteen people opened your newsletter. Those numbers will grow the more you produce. The more time you give, the more results you’ll see.

When an investment is free, you’re actually losing money by not making it.

What other FREE efforts can be extremely successful? Are there any of these you’ll start implementing within your own brand? Let me know in the comments!

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