My Opinion Isn’t Valued: What’s Next?

If this has never happened to you… you’re lying. Seriously. No matter how common of an occurrence it may or may not be for you, it can still be an incredibly frustrating challenge. I’m not being a total brat. Compromise does count; it is often even preferred. However, it takes effort from both sides. WhatContinue reading “My Opinion Isn’t Valued: What’s Next?”

Timing: Is It Everything?

One of the hottest topics in the industry, is timing. There are many aspects to which the concept can be applied, but for today’s conversation: we are discussing it in the sense of when to post, send, etc. Social Media There are a range of insights, available from a range of platforms, that allow youContinue reading “Timing: Is It Everything?”

How to Build the Ultimate Marketing Network

A solid, but diverse and ever-adapting network could be considered the most important tool hanging from any successful marketer’s belt. The best networks consist of individuals from a range of backgrounds. Surround yourself with those who think similarly to you, but also with an equal number of those who do not. Include even the onesContinue reading “How to Build the Ultimate Marketing Network”

Brand Loyalty: Three Kinds Discussed

One of the loftiest goals someone in the ad space can have, is brand loyalty. It takes expert planning and exquisite execution to promote. You must constantly be working to understand your consumers; predicting and responding to their needs. There are all kinds of ways that brand loyalty comes to fruition. Following, find three ofContinue reading “Brand Loyalty: Three Kinds Discussed”

Whose Brand Is It Anyway?

Something that has been on my mind for a while now is this idea of leveled or tiered brands. And also, the ability to buy and sell brands. Of course, brands are ever-evolving. They’ll go through many changes over the course of their lifespans (if they are to be successful). Sometimes though, these changes areContinue reading “Whose Brand Is It Anyway?”

Following Some of Advertising’s Finer Lines

As discussed in this previously posted article, “there are careful lines that must be walked to maintain your brand’s integrity,” when planning and executing advertising efforts. Some are very bold, and easy to stay on the right side of (this is often what makes it so egregious when they’re crossed). Some are very fine, orContinue reading “Following Some of Advertising’s Finer Lines”

Advertising, Branding, Communication: What’s the Difference?

There are a few intricate differences that, for some reason, drive industry professionals to break ours up into, well, more industries. However, outside of the community—we all usually end up being relegated to the marketing department. It’s okay. People who haven’t spent years diving deep into our world can’t be expected to fully understand. So,Continue reading “Advertising, Branding, Communication: What’s the Difference?”